Table wine has 3 categories: white, rose' or red wine and is so named because it is wine made too be served " at the table". Some times they are referred to as "still wines" to differentiate them from sparkling and fortified wines.


White wine is made primarily from the juice of the grape alone, separated from the grape skins. White wine can be made from red or black grapes as well as from white grapes, for it is the skins that give the color to the wine. Most grapes, whether light or dark, have clear juice.


Rose'/Blush wines maintain a brief contact with red grape skins, which give them color that ranges from light pink to brilliant light red.


Red Wines require the juice to remain in contact with the skins, seeds, and pulp for an extended period of time(called mmaceration or soaking) to extract color, additional flavor, and tannin. This gives most red wines their astrigent or biting flavors and allows them to age and melloe for variable periods of time.

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